• Make sure your question is clear and simple.
  • Is there enough information to answer it?
  • Has your research posed another question that you would like to work on?
  • Do you need to narrow your question down a little or broaden it out?
  • Keep in mind that if you have a question that you are interested in, it will make it easier to research.


Useful links to search for information about people, places and events.


  • Think of other search terms related to your topic. If you are searching for "floods" try searching for related terms like "heavy rain", "torrent", "storm damage", "flash floods", "burst banks". These are especially helpful when you are searching news sites..
  • It's okay to use Wikipedia, sometimes it will give you a good overview of the topic to help with your project. Wikis, blogs, tumblr, You Tube, and other crowd-sourced resources are legitimate sources of information, you just need to reference them.


Referencing your research doesn't have to be a life skill! Make use of referencing sites like

Cite This For Me
Easy Bib

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