Puke Ariki's Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki (Taranaki Research Centre) has a wealth of resources if you are researching Taranaki. If you want to visit
Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki, it is on the library side of Puke Ariki, up the top of the escalator.


The books include
  • Taranaki Collection
  • Māori Collection
  • History
  • Arts
  • Science journals
  • Government publications
  • Department of Statistic publications
  • Glass Case - a series of rare books with Taranaki connections.

Quick tips
  • School and district booklets are good for local stories and the history of specific areas.
  • There are books on local family histories, including genealogies.
  • The public files are made up of articles and documents contributed by the public. They are sorted by people, places, topics and events.
  • Old local newspapers are on microfilm which is great for the years not covered by Papers Past.

Heritage Collection

Puke Ariki's Heritage Collection contains objects, papers, photographs and maps - all with a connection to Taranaki.

You can see an overview in the Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

Archives - these are historical documents or records providing information about Taranaki, its institutions and people.
These are great when you need primary sources for your work. You can access archives during opening hours.

If you find an archive online that you would like to view, take the archive number with you when you visit. It's the accession number you can see on the right of the record, in this case ARC2002-592.
Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 2.29.13 pm.png

Photographs - including the Swainson/Woods Collection of local images. Check for your family name and see what turns up!

There are also photographs in the research centre in drawers behind the front desk. These are sorted by names, categories and places. They aren't necessarily in the online catalogue, so you'll need to visit.

Social history - items like clothes, toys, furniture, tools...and much more, can be viewed, but you will need to put in a request a few days ahead of time.

Search the Puke Ariki Heritage Collection

Puke Ariki links

  • Check out the Taranaki Stories for local stories on various topics.
  • The New Plymouth Kete has info on war memorials, street names, dairy factories, tunnels and much more.
  • Puke Ariki also has online Pathfinders to get you started with research on certain topics.

The staff at the desk are there to help students and provide research services. Take your research questions along with you!