Our library offers you a way in to all sorts of information about bugs!

Online resources

We have access to Epic NZ - have a look around the different sites. You'll be logged in at school, but ask Ms Page for a password to access these from home.

Here are some examples of what you can find on Epic NZ:

Examine a fly, a butterfly and a caterpillar on the Gale Science Interactive.

We have New Zealand Geographic magazines with articles about bugs. Come into the library to look at the magazines, or check out the New Zealand Geographic Online. Just look at this article on Body Snatching Parasites!

Have a look around Britannica


Come in to the library to discover all sorts of books about insects and spiders. Here are some suggestions:


Which New Zealand Insect?
New Zealand Spiders
Insect Pests
New Zealand Insects and Other Creepy Crawlies
Backyard Battlefield
Keeping Bees
From Weta to Kauri

Other sites of interest

Department of Conservation
Landcare Research
Terrain NZ